This little boy grew into the man that makes us laugh. . . and sometimes think!

A Muny* Attitude

A Muny Attiitude
Before we start to play today,
I want to ask a question
About the way you play the game—
It gives me indigestion.
Your drives are almost always straight;
I’ve seen more than enough,
But then you promptly head off for
The nearest meanest rough.
And then you simply disappear
Oblivious to my calls
Until you fill your shagging bag
With new and used golf balls.
I know you can afford new balls.
You’re richer than Bill Gates.
But while you hunt and hunt and hunt
We wait and wait and wait.
I know there’s many at this club
Who think I’m daft and loony—
But though I pay my golf club dues,
My attitude’s still Muny.

*Municipal Golf Courses are open to all without discrimination

 Barton Springs Commentary

Rocks are Democratic

Rocks are democratic.  There’s men-sized rocks for us big fellers.  There’s women size rocks for the little ladies.  Then there’s pebbles for the kids.
We believe it is the right of all Texans, and for that matter all Americans to carry around a rock as a concealed weapon.  If you pick a nice, smooth one from a creek or river bed you’ll find that it fits into your pockets or your purse real good.
So this here is Billy Bob Clagger asking you REAL Americans to join the new NRA. . .The National Rock Association.  And ask about our new assault weapon that chunks 20 rocks at the same time.
Remember, rocks don’t kill people.  Jack-booted thugs with guns do.  Thank yew.

I Am You, You Are Me
*Written by Cactus after November 9, 1989 when the Berlin wall was first burst open.

The walls are coming down!  The walls that have kept people IN rather than out are coming down.  Think of what a special Christmas this will be for those of an undivided Germany.  Imagine the joy this Christmas will bring to all of the hostages recently released from Iraq.  Consider the Russians who can openly celebrate the Christian Christmas and the Jewish Hanukkah.
And hopefully, another wall. . .the desert wall. . . will come tumbling down and we can go about knowing one another.  And what we will discover as we come together from throughout the world…the NEW world…is that we are one together.
I am you and you are me.
I breathe, you breathe.
I hunger, you hunger.
I sleep, you sleep.
I laugh, you laugh.
I cry, you cry.
The wind that brought the boogeyman outside my rattling window brought him outside your flapping dessert tent or your shaking palm leaf hut.
We run to mother when we are hurt.
We come back to where we began…to that wonderful, familiar, soft safety.
And we all look to father to protect us and feed us, even though sometimes mother is father, also. 
And sometimes Father is mother, also.
And when they are not longer here for us to run to we become the haven for our children to run to.
We all seek another…for love…for comfort…for the sweetness of sharing.
And if we don’t have that, we hurt for not having it…especially if we had it and have lost it.
We look at the stars and we wonder…who?  How far?  How many? And who put it all there?
And will we go there?  Anywhere? And why?  Why us?  Why Here?  Why now?
And when will we leave?  And will I be afraid?  Will it hurt?  Will it be peaceful?  Will you be there?   Will I know you?
And what will you do when I am there and you are here…or you are there and I am here?
Sometimes I see the flowers…sometimes I can’t.
Sometimes I like you.
Sometimes I don’t.
Sometimes I am sad and don’t know shy.
Sometimes I am happy and don’t know shy.
Sometimes I lose me and wonder if I will ever find me.
Sometimes I even like me.
I soar, I fall.  I sing, I hurt.  I succeed, I fail.
But I am not alone…
For I am you and you are me.
So are we all.
And we are all special for we are here.
If we were not we would never have been here…
This wonderful, painful, glorious, sorrowful, magnificent HERE!