Other's Words about Richard Cactus Pryor
‘Cactus is never at a loss for words– all of them funny!” 
Liz Carpenter
“I”m selfishly grateful that he has remained a part of my business and my life all these years.”
Lady Bird Johnson
“As a professional entertainer myself for many years, --- I know for a fact that Cactus has been recognized and sought after from New York to Hollywood.” 
John Henry Faulk
“I first became aware of his talents and service during the presidency of Lyndon B. Johnson, when Cactus was Austin’s ambassador to the world, helping organize and provide entertainment for many heads of state; it was a service not only to an administration but to international understanding.” 
Harry Middleton, first Director of the LBJ Library and Museum
“You probably know that Cactus has had many opportunities to go for the big time entertainment which, of course, would mean moving from Austin.  Each time he has turned down the lure of New York and California because he is so devoted to the city of Austin.”
Darrell Royal
“I want to inject a serious note about my funny friend Cactus.  The importance of humor in life is that survival is a “premier” issue. . .and in order to survive, we must have a sense of humor about ourselves. Through the years Cactus has been the symbol of Austin’s humor – and its survival – with integrity and honesty.”
Ann Richards, Texas Governor
 “Cactus Pryor has given his native Austin a rare gift that few cities can claim---a real live humorist with the sharp eye, the quick tongue, the educated pen, and, most important, the warm heart to record in sometimes hilarious detail its fashions and foibles.
Cactus himself is one of a kind…”  Walter Cronkite
“Some years ago, while having lunch with Danny Thomas, a man who has had exposure to so many outstanding people, it was reiterated to me that Cactus was a truly exceptional individual after hearing this (Danny Thomas) praise him (Cactus) so highly. He told me he considered Cactus to be one of the most outstanding, talented and unselfish people he had ever met.” 
H.C. Carter
“I hope you fine folks who are responsible for presenting this award tonight [Austin’s Most Worthy Citizen] realize that you are honoring not only Cactus but the whole Pryor clan……especially our mother and father who taught us the importance of laughter….of caring for others….and of love.” 
Wally Pryor, younger brother of Cactus Pryor
“You’ve a talent for putting things in their proper perspective and one of my real pleasures is reading and watching you in action.” 
Bob Bullock, Texas Lieutenant Governor