As a golfer himself for more than 70 years this Austin, TX legend has had a lot of time to consider the perplexities of the game, the magic that brings one to spend many of one’s days on the green chasing little white balls, and the deeper connections made while doing so with friends and family.

Lady Golfers

The British male will never fail to honor masculinity.
They want their place… away from lace… all free from femininity.
The private club… the private pub… where men can quash a few.
Females are nice… but ‘tis a vice… to grant them entrez-vous.
A golfing course is perhaps the worse in welcoming the ladies.
The attitude—although it’s rude—goes back to the 1880’s.
So when lady pros were seeking a place for competition
… for recognition… of their champion of the day.
Forthwith they came to a club of fame and startled every member.
“We’d like to play; we’re here to stay; right here this next September.”
“Sorry, dears, but it’s very clear in our ancient rules of play.
We cannot condone females alone; the male must rule the day.
But actually and factually our members would welcome you.
We’d like to please, but we’re not at ease; we know not what to do.”
The ladies said, “Forget your dread. Your rules you can amend.
It’s simple, sweet, your rules we’ll meet: we’ll be honorary men.”

-cactus pryor